Q. What’s HBC really like?
A. A number of words and phrases come to mind in answer to that question. Words that fit HBC would be authentic, biblical, spiritual, attractional & missional, caring, faithful to historic Baptist principles, and committed to both global and local mission involvement. Some words that would not fit HBC would be intolerant, sexist, legalistic, inflexible, or fundamentalist.
Q. What are the people like?
A. The folks who comprise HBC are varied. The church resembles, to a great degree, the community of which it is a part. There are members who are either employed or engaged in study at the various surrounding colleges and universities. Some are employed at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital. Others work in local schools, on farms, or at the vital task of rearing families. Some are retired from their vocations and serving God joyously. Most of us have mortgages, problems, challenges and all the rest that comes with living. However, the people who make up the church are also passionately devoted followers of Jesus and find both their purpose and solutions to life’s challenges through their faith.
Q. What does HBC believe about the Bible?
A. We believe the Bible is God’s Word. The Bible for us is a blueprint for Christian living. Additionally, the Bible reveals in intimate detail the God who loves us and with whom we share a vital and personal relationship.
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Q. What is HBC’s worship like?
A.  Our “Community Worship Service” begins at 10:30 am each Sunday morning. “Community Worship”combines elements of both traditional and contemporary worship … services will be blended together to create worship that speaks to everyone.  There will be a wide variety of musical selections, readings and worship leaders.  Communion is observed the first Sunday of each month.  The focus of our worship is on seeking God’s presence through the experience of authentic worship. This means worship for us is not a passive experience performed by the “folks up front,” but the people’s ministry to God demonstrating our love for Him.
Q. What is the preaching like?
A. In a word, biblical. Whether the sermon is expositional, narrative, or topical, dealing with some critical issue of the day, the teaching at HBC is always biblical based. At the same time a great premium is placed on showing how God’s Word may be applied to our lives. The ultimate aim of the teaching ministry is to demonstrate not only the truth of God’s Word but how it can help in day to day living.
Q. What does HBC offer for children and youth?
A. In addition to offering a fully graded Sunday School program and choirs from preschool through senior high, HBC is committed to ministering to children and youth. The church has a core of excellent volunteers who plan outings and other activities for children and their families.
Q. Where do singles fit in at HBC?
A. Singles don’t just “fit in” at HBC, they are both essential and indispensable to our church. Singles serve throughout the church in ministries and in leadership. A number of singles serve as deacons, chairs of strategic committees, and lead some of the church’s most important and vital ministries. Additionally, singles always enjoy being together at HBC.
Q. Do you have Wednesday Night Activities?
A. We have a number of Wednesday night activities.  We have a monthly dinner the first Wednesday at 5:30 pm. Choirs from preschool through adult meet on Wednesday night for rehearsal. Youth and adults meet for missions, bible study and outreach.
Q. What is HBC’s denominational affiliation?
A. HBC is a local autonomous Baptist church. HBC does, however, cooperate with the Augusta Baptist Association, the
for the purposes of global evangelism and ministry. However, if asked to identify themselves denominational, the majority of HBC’s members would view themselves as Virginia Baptists (i.e. members of the Baptist General Association of Virginia).