Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes

During January, we will offer two discipleship classes on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30 pm on January 3.  Becoming Happier People will led by Tom Reynolds.  This seminar will explore the roots of happiness in our experience and how we can build on them to become happier, more compassionate people.  We will see videos of happy people around the world, share stories of happy experiences and begin to develop a strategy for increasing our personal happiness.  
The five sessions are:
1.  How Happy Am I?
2.  What the Bible Says about Happiness
3.  Building Blocks of Happiness
4. Stories of Happy People
5.  Our Stories
Participants in this class will be expected to have done two things before the first meeting …
1.  Purchase a copy (used or new) of at least one of the following.  Used copies can be purchased online …
~The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyumboirsky (ISBN 978-1-8744-193-5)
~Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar (ISBN 978-1-60671-291-7) whose class on happiness was the most popular class at Harvard.  Note … if you buy just one, this would be the one!
~Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman (ISBN 0-7432-2298-9)
~The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin (ISBN 978-0-06-241485-4)
2.  Complete the “Pursuit of Happiness Quiz”  (
Celtic Christianity will be led by Mark White and Eli Withers.  Celtic things are quite popular today including Celtic festivals, Celtic crosses and Celtic music.  A great number of books have been written about Celtic Christianity, but what exactly is it?  This seminar attempts to answer this question by exploring the history, traditions, theology and modern expressions of Celtic Christianity.  We will also hear about Mark’s and Eli’s separate trips t Britain and Ireland ( … and see lots of pictures). 
The five sessions are:
1.  Overview of Celtic Christianity
2.  Expressions of Celtic Christianity in Ireland
3.  Expressions of Celtic Christianity in Scotland
4.  Creation and Imagination in a Celtic Understanding of the World
5.  The Celtic Way of Prayer
Sign up for the either of these discipleship groups on the Communication Card or contact the church office at 540-433-2456.