Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes


We are taking a different approach to our discipleship classes in April.  Instead of offering multiple small group studies, we will have one weekly program.  Each Wednesday a different program.  Each Wednesday a different presenter will speak on a unique topic.  Programs will be held at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
April 4 …. Human Trafficking led by Eli Withers.  What does the church need to know about human trafficking and what can we do to make an impact in this horrible atrocity taking place in our world  today?


April 11 … “Where I See Our God” led by Dr. Greg Versen. He will share his photographs of sacred places in the local community.


April 18 … “Why? Why Not How? Why I Do the Art I Do? Why Protestants Don’t Usually Care About Art?  How I Do It?” led by Randy Shenk.  He will share his process of how he creates the artwork displayed weekly in our church foyer.