Pray. Dream. Act.

Pray. Dream. Act. is the strategic plan for Harrisonburg Baptist Church (HBC). The following God–sized dreams or provocative proposals—written in future tense as though it is already 2018—establish the vision for Harrisonburg Baptist Church through 2018:

HBC is a recognized example in Virginia of what it means to be a missional church. Every activity of HBC is focused on carrying out God’s mission of bringing love, mercy, justice and the gospel to the community and the world. Each member of HBC understands themselves to be a missionary empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s mission.

Every member of the HBC family is equipped to carry out the mission of God. Discipleship is accomplished through knowing God’s word, becoming more like Jesus, and participating in God’s mission.

HBC’s worship services exist to glorify God, are centered in prayer, and are directed by the Holy Spirit. Our late morning worship service appeals to the broadest segment of our community. There is recognition that worship is a personal experience, yet is missional in that it must be understandable and inviting to both believers and non–believers alike.

HBC is defined by a culture of generosity. Every member shares the blessing and responsibility of carrying out God’s mission through sacrificially giving their time, talents, influence, service, and resources.

Everyone in the HBC family feels valued, supported, and loved. HBC members and staff share an equal role in demonstrating loving, compassionate care to all members and those who attend. We understand congregational care is essential to God’s mission.

The Andrea Lohr Legacy Center is built. The missional activities of love, mercy, justice and communicating the gospel are supported in and through the Legacy Center. Additionally, discipleship, congregational care, and worship are enhanced by the addition of the Legacy Center.