Harrisonburg Baptist Church (HBC) is pleased to announce two $3,000.00 grants to be awarded to local non-profits serving in the city of Harrisonburg or Rockingham County, Virginia. We have a three-fold purpose behind these grants. First, we want to share the burden of caring for the community with you. In this way, we want to invest in the work of organizations who are blessing our community. Second, we want to educate our church community on your valuable mission. Third, we hope to cultivate partnerships within our larger community and explore ways that HBC can help address our region’s deficits. 

Below you will find a link to our grant application. In the grant application, we are inviting you to share the story of your organization and how you accomplish your mission. Of great importance to HBC’s grant committee is that you help us learn both about your agency’s purpose and about how HBC could assist you in your important work.
HBC’s mission is to make passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. We envision accomplishing our mission in part by sharing God’s hope, light, encouragement and blessings in the lives around us. We anticipate cultivating partnerships with organizations like yours so that we all can be a part of improving our community. We hope you will consider applying for one of our two community grants.
In strong grant applications, the grant committee will be looking for tangible ways that the grant award will be used to accomplish your agency’s mission. In strongest applications, the grant committee will be looking for unique ways that HBC could assist your agency’s mission.
Deadline: All applications are due March 1, 2021.
Grant Awards will be announced on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021.
Thank you so much for your willingness to complete the grant application. If you have questions, please email HBC at office@hbcalive.org or call (540) 433-2456.
To apply, please click the following link:   HBC’S HEART FOR THE VALLEY COMMUNITY GRANT